Consulting Services

Art Acquisition

Focal Point is committed to educating private and corporate clients about the art market and acquisition strategies for creating collections that reflect their vision. With access to auction houses, galleries, private dealers and collectors from around the United States, we are well-positioned to help our clients build collections that meet both their short- and long-term goals. Collections can be upgraded and pieces that no longer adhere to the mission of the collection can be de-accessioned privately or arranged to be sold through the most appropriate marketplace. 

Collection Management & Development

The appropriate and accurate documentation of an art collection is vital for the discerning private collector or corporation. A simple inventory can be created which contains the appropriate photographic/digital documentation and proper cataloging of the works including provenance, exhibition history and literature cited. Larger collections can  be placed into an art collection database that contains all pertinent information on the collection including digital images of the works. Collection management also addresses conservation and restoration issues.  Industry professionals can be consulted for restoration services to ensure long term preservation of the works.

Verbal Approximations of Value

When a client only wants to know what an item is worth and doesn't need a written report, we can provide a verbal approximation of value (VAV) for a small fee in place of a formal written appraisal. This type of valuation is not valid for insurance or legal functions, and does not address the authenticity of the item.